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The Importance of Medical Examination for CDL

Medical and physical examinations for taking CDL are crucial since you want to make sure that everyone is secure. As a commercial driver will probably be traveling in a rather big car. A huge vehicle that has the capacity to cause death. In actuality, a little car has the ability to kill. Not only is the life of the motorist at risk; but also at risk are innocent bystanders. It goes without saying that this will be disastrous for your company. An accident caused by one of your workers is the last thing you want to happen. It goes without saying that you do not want anyone to suffer severe injuries or even death. Additionally, you do not want to cope with the financial repercussions of this occurring. There will be many issues to resolve. You will be required to pay for costs associated with bodily harm, lost wages, any property damage, and a whole lot more. Your insurance premiums will subsequently be driven up as a result of this. In other words, you probably do not want to cope with the long-term financial impact this will have on your company.

The CDL license medical standards are established by the Department of Transportation or DOT in short. A licensed medical examiner must conduct the DOT Medical Exam before a person may apply for a commercial driver’s license. The DOT examination establishes the driver’s suitability for driving trucks in terms of his or her physical, emotional, and mental health. While the validity of all data is 24 months, there are some circumstances when additional monitoring is needed or a shorter duration is offered.

Even though the CDL physical examination is usually given every 24 months, certain drivers may still need to repeat it more frequently if they have a condition that has to be checked frequently. You should be aware that until you recertify, you will not be allowed to drive a commercial vehicle if you do not successfully complete the CDL physical test by the deadline. For instance, drivers whose ME certificates are not up to date with the DMV will have their commercial licenses downgraded to Class D credentials, which only let them operate a conventional passenger car.

Commercial drivers who have passed the DOT physical examination and obtained the medical examination authorization paperwork must submit a copy of the certificate to their local DMV office and self-certify for one of four possible commercial driving categories. However, drivers who are unable to complete the entire CDL physical test criteria because of a medical condition can still be eligible to get a commercial license by requesting an exemption document. Drivers, for instance, can formally request a waiver with the FMCSA’s (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) federal exemption programs if they do not fulfill the qualifications for diabetes, hearing, seizure, and/or vision in their CDL medical exam.


Keep in mind that there are several businesses out there that provide medical exams for drivers. You should only cooperate with trustworthy businesses. You do, after all, want to make sure that your drivers receive the most thorough medical checkup available. All drivers must undergo medical evaluations. Please fill out our contact form to request more information or to make a reservation for your driver’s medicals.

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